• Bitcoin.Live
    Bitcoin Live Is The Key To Your Future Success The future is already here and Crypto will do for money what the Internet has already done for communication. Why waste your time on outdated “Crypto Training” courses from people no longer even in the game?? At Bitcoin Live, you can learn from the world’s leading … Read more
  • The Value Investor 5 point checklist
    Welcome to the magical world of value investing. We do not speculate and we do not like risk. As a value investor you are looking for, well, value. Above everything else. Companies with strong financials and opportunities for growth. Value investors invest in great companies when undervalued. And they do so for the long run, … Read more
  • Bull and Bear Markets, and Short Selling of Stock Market
    Bullish and Bear markets are used to describe stock market conditions. These two terms determine how the stock markets are performing, in that whether they are increasing or decreasing in value.  All stock market investors and traders need to understand how the markets perform in each of these conditions and how that impacts their commodities … Read more
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    The ever-growing demand for cryptocurrency has seen investors seeking more secure options of storing their hard-earned coins. Hardware wallets have many benefits attached to them such as offering improved security and also having the capability of being used for everyday transactions. Suppose you lose your wallet by means of a scam, or if your computer … Read more
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  • The attack on Bitcoin
    Big news for cryptocurrencies. European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde has in an interview called for more global regulation of Bitcoin. By claiming the international community starting from the G7 should come together and draw clear regulation for it in the near future. She stated that cryptocurrencies had been used for money laundering activities and … Read more